Bobrick Koala Baby Changing Stations are designed with safety as the top priority. Microban antibacterial product protection; a Koala Baby Changing Station exclusive. Microban technology is built into Koala Baby Changing Stations and becomes an intrinsic part of the Station. When microbes, such as bacteria, mould and mildew that can cause stains, odours and product deterioration come into contact with the station surface, Microban protection penetrates the cell wall of the microbe and disrupts key cell functions so that the microbe cannot function, grow or reproduce. Microban helps Koala Baby Changing Stations stay cleaner between cleanings.

• MICROBAN Antimicrobial embedded in the polyethelene material
• Pneumatic gas spring mechanism ensures smooth, safe open and close motions
• Strong nylon strap with a snap-locking buckle to keep babies safe
• Stations free of pinch points
• Five Year Warranty includes vandalism

1- All Baby Changing Stations feature steel-on-steel hinges with 3.2mm steel mounting supports.
2- Complies with EN 12221-1/-2 European Standards (KB200-INB only), ANSI S117.1 Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities, ASTM F2285-04 (formerly ASTM PS125) Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Changing Tables for Commercial Use, ASTM G21 Antifungal and ASTM G22 Antibacterial Standards, ADA Accessibility Standards for height, reach, projection, operation when correctly installed.
3- All Baby Changing Station models equipped with built-in Sanitary Bed Liner Dispensers. Liners sold separately.

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